Monstah Fish Small


Here at Monstah Fish we love to make vinyl decals, especially decals from original art. This could be an idea you had which you'd like us to refine, one of your original drawings or something you'd like us to create from scratch!

You can apply vinyl almost anywhere and it will stay nicely. We use Oracal 651 Intermediate vinyl with a 5-7 year outdoor life, so you can safely put decals on your vehicles, skateboards, locker, etc. and not worry about weather or washing.

Another great feature of vinyl is that if you change your mind, simply peel it off and put something else on, or leave it blank. Vinyl will stay a good long time and come off cleanly when you're done with it. Some people even use indoor-quality vinyl to dress up walls, which is great for rental properties if the walls need to be restored to original condition.

In addition to regular decals, we can apply vinyl to various substrates such as banners and magnetic stock for your events, business logo/info, etc.

Please see the decal gallery for examples of our work.


For custom-decals or design-work, feel free to contact us with your needs. This could be anything from having us refine your napkin sketch, creating your vision from a description or having us design something from scratch with our ideas for you, we can do it.

Check the gallery for a few of our in-house-created pieces. We'll make your design awesome and it will be unique in all the world. Our design-rate is 50 bucks an hour roughly, with higher-rates based on complexity, however, we will quote flat-rate prices before the design-work begins, so no hourly-rate surprises. Generally most jobs take 1-4 hours for totally custom-designs/logos, with less time being required for simpler graphics.

Customer-hired design-work is 'work for hire', meaning you will own the graphic and can sell it as much as you want or use it for your business or whatever. You will have the benefit of copyright-protection, with 'work for hire' specified in PayPal and in email as your record of ownership.

Why bother with custom-art? Simple, you control the design but you get the help of a 20-year veteran of the video game business. The more work you do beforehand, the less-expensive it will be to have us refine your artistic vision. A good logo catches the eye and adds a unique design-aesthetic. Your business or graphic will be that much more effective. First-impressions are key!

Maybe you've just had an idea for years, or you're working on a theme project, we can make it happen.

Discounted rates and vinyl-decals will be offered based on higher-volume. Please email us if there are any questions.