Monstah Fish Small


Here are some of our vinyl pieces we've done for customers or just to show what vinyl cutters can do. We can provide up to 4-color vinyl in your choice of colors. Feel free to combine any of our existing graphics with text of your choice, with your preferred font.

Email us for a quote for any job or design-work you have in mind or just check the MonstahFish store...we stock some vinyl graphics but will also make them to order when needed. Turnaround is less than a day.

All prices include shipping in the continental U.S., and we ship in cardboard mailing sleeves to protect the decals.

For locations outside the continental U.S., shipping will be quoted separately.

GothGirl Decal 2-Color
'Here Lies Hope' ©2009 Dan Burke, original art. This is an actual 2-color vinyl decal pictured.

2-color red on black, 3rd-color optional for the hair. Order yours from the MonstahFish store!

FlowerGirl Decal 'Flower Girl'. Original art ©2009 Dan Burke. Order one for your choice of colors. This is a photo of a finished vinyl piece, 2-color.

Check the 'store' link for ordering!
Orc and Familiar 'Orc and Familiar'. Original art ©2009 Dan Burke. An Orc in the WoW-style with 'kek' on his belt. Check the MonstahFish store to order! This is a shot of a finished piece in vinyl, ready to apply.

MonsterFish Decal original version Monstah Fish Logo!
©Dan Burke 2009.

1-color, your choice of color. Click image to see store and purchase options.
Duncan Family Crest Decals Customer graphic, example piece only. Your family crests can be made into vinyl up to 4-colors. Inquire for details at info at
Racing Numbers, 21 Racing numbers. Your choice of fonts/color. Finished-vinyl decals pictured.